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Summer and Autumn Skiing

The cableway that takes the skiers to the slopes is less than 50m (50 yards) away from the hotel; the total length of the slopes is 20 km (12.5 miles), all with 100% natural snow; the slopes are open every day from June to November; the Pirovano Ski School, also known as “the Skiing University”, boasts decades of experience and professionalism… Welcome to the capital of summer skiing!

Stelvio is the only glacier in Italy where you can ski even in the summer: since the 1950s, crowds of passionate skiers, professional teams and ski clubs have come here from all over Europe for training or practicing their favorite sport, even in August.

Skiing in a T-shirt, sun-kissed… escaping from the sultry climate of big cities, breathing in the crystalline air of high altitude, descending fast on perfect slopes surrounded by a breathtaking view … These are just some of the sensations you can experience when skiing on Stelvio in full summer and autumn!

The glacier summer snow is distinctive, you have to learn to know it: during the day the consistency of the snowpack changes continuously, so that the skier needs to adapt his or her technique of descent to the type of snow. And it is precisely the peculiarity of the summer snow that makes this ski area a unique gym, ideal for those who want to improve or refine their style.

In the paradise of summer skiing, the Pirovano Ski School, with a long tradition of seriousness, reliability and rigour, offers group or one-to-one lessons at any level: from “first steps” to competitive training, specific for children and adults … progress will come almost unexpected!

A lot of sport discipline, but also moments of regenerating relaxation and fun: once you get off the glacier, the excellent cuisine and all the “pampering” of the Pirovano Quarto Hotel will allow you to conclude the day in the best possible way! The magic of snow in the summer…

Many may not believe it, and yet, the Stelvio ski slopes in the summer are as polished as in the winter. This is possible thanks to the strong temperature excursion between day and night: during the day the snow heats up, while during the clear nights, it cools down, allowing the slopes to be polished on the following morning.

Skiing in a T-shirt, sun-kissed, on top of the Stelvio glaciers, is a unique experience available to everyone: book today!