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The Stelvio Pass, with more than 100 hairpin turns connecting three valleys, is one of the most popular and sought-after destinations for all cyclists in the world, professionals and non-professionals, an ideal place for training, oxygenation and relax in high altitude.

Pedaling along the hairpin turns of the Stelvio road, it is not rare to meet familiar faces of the two-wheel world, which train here to prepare for the races of the great international circuits.

For their stay they choose the Hotel Pirovano Quarto, a structure particularly suited to complete the preparation at high altitude thanks to its well-equipped wellness and fitness area, as well as to the attention dedicated to a correct and specific diet.

For the amateur cyclists, ascending 1533 metres (5000 feet) to reach almost 3000 meters (9800 feet) of altitude is certainly not a joke!

So much “healthy fatigue”, combined with tenacity and determination to get to the epic “Cima Coppi”… the peak of the Champions, including the “flying Heron” (Fausto Coppi) and many other legendary cyclists of the Giro d’Italia.

Pirovano Stelvio is pleased to host sport groups and single lovers of this discipline, and to offer them specific packages and discounts » contact us for more information.

The Stelvio Pass by bicycle

Starting from Prato allo Stelvio (altitude 916 m / 3000 ft), from the South Tyrolian side of the mountain, the road is steadily uphill for about 25 km (15 miles), and the gradient increases gradually (about 11% in the last kilometer). The first part of the ascent (first 8 km / 5 miles) is more moderate, with gradients around 5%. Then the 48 hairpin turns start, with average gradients around 8-9%. The overall difference in altitude is more than 1800 m (5900 feet). The average gradient is 7.4%, the maximum 11%.

On the “Lombardo climb” the ascent begins in Bormio (1225 m / 4000 feet) and is about 21.5 km (13 miles) long; after about 15 km (9 miles) is Pian di Grembo, a stretch of about 1 km, with modest gradients, where you can catch your breath. The last 2-3 kilometers are the hardest ones, with a gradient of around 8%. The average gradient is 7.1%, the maximum gradient is 9.5% (between km 10 and km 11).

Another option is to climb the Pass from Switzerland, starting in Santa Maria in Val Monastero, pedaling for most part in Switzerland, until reaching the village of Giogo di Santa Maria (2503 m / 8211 feet), where the road rejoins the one from Bormio.