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Bormio Thermal Waters

Since Roman times Bormio is renowned for the properties of its thermal waters, that have various health and well-being effects.

The hot thermal waters of Bormio are relaxing, detoxifying and anti-stress, with healing properties, suitable for the treatment of allergies and many other diseases. They flow at a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius, and feed 3 establishments: the Baths of Bormio, Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths) and Bagni Nuovi (New Baths).

The Baths of Bormio

This is the most modern establishment, and has been recently renovated. It offers various aesthetic and thermal treatments, as well as massage and rehabilitation. It has a 25-meter pool, relaxation pools, a 60-meter water slide, steam rooms, bio-sauna and saunas. It is perfect for everyone!

“Bagni Nuovi” and “Bagni Vecchi”

These two establishments are a short distance from each other and can be reached in twenty minutes from Stelvio Pass. They are more characteristic and traditional than the modern spa of Bormio, and offer a pleasant alternative for regenerating body and mind in an elegant and charming environment.

“Bagni Nuovi” is divided into four sectors with different thermal “paths”, including natural smells, lights, images and colors. Try the enchanting sauna covered in Swiss stone from the early nineteenth century!

“Bagni Vecchi” has six sectors with different thermal paths, including a panoramic outdoor swimming pool overlooking the Bormio basin, and Roman baths known since the I century BC.