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Ski School in Summer and Autumm

We have more than 60 years of experience teaching Alpine Skiing: this is the “University” that everyone would like to attend!

The history of sport activities in Pirovano and Stelvio goes back to the 1950s and is characterized by professionalism, reliability and of course great passion. All of this, together with the expertise of our instructors, has gained us the nickname “Ski University”.

The “classrooms” of this university are magnificent ski slopes, and the lecturers are qualified instructors that teach highest-level classes in one of the most spectacular Alpine settings – from beginner to professional levels.

From the novice to the expert skier aiming to register for ski instructor training, our ski school offers a wide selection of courses catering for every need.

  • Group lessons (all levels): 4 hours per day, including video recording with theory to correct most common mistakes. There is always an end-of-course competition that inevitably becomes a party that strengthens the friendships born in the “classrooms”. At the end of the course, each participant receives an individualized curriculum, with the instructor’s technical evaluation of the participant skiing style, and further goals.
  • Individual (1-2-1) lessons: designed for those who want an individualized training programme.
  • 1-2-1 lessons tailored to your goals: these lessons are ideal for professional training, to prepare for the selections to become ski instructor, or more simply to become a true “top skier”. Private lessons allow you to personalize your training programme and to discuss your goals in advance with our instructors.
  • Group Baby ski school: in dedicated weeks there are collective ski lessons for the younger ones, starting from 5 years of age.
    In order to create a fun environment conducive to learning and to avoid boring the children with technical details, the lessons include games and playful educational activities.

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