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Stelvio National Park

The imposing glaciers that surround Stelvio Pass are part of the largest protected naturalistic area in Italy and one of the largest in Europe: Stelvio National Park.

Stelvio National Park, one of the first protected areas in Italy, was established in 1935 in order to conserve, protect and study the native flora and fauna that live in this particular high-altitude alpine environment.

The National Park, thanks to the presence of different soil substrates and a very considerable difference in altitude (from 600 meters above sea level to almost 4000 meters), has a natural heritage of great richness and variety: peat bogs, alpine pastures, coniferous forests, rocky areas and, of course, glaciers.

There are also many species of mammals that have found their ideal habitat here, such as the bearded vulture (a large bird with a wingspan of over 3 meters), various colonies of marmots, ibex, chamois and other ungulates that are not difficult to spot along one of the many hiking trails.

Through a subsequent expansion in 1977, Stelvio National Park became adjacent to the Swiss National Park, thus creating a protected natural site among the largest in Europe, able to attract every summer many passionate tourists and hikers.