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Standard Week

  • From 9.00 to 11.00 and from 14.15 to 16.15 with normal snow and weather conditions
  • From 8.30 to 12.30 in case of very hot days, with lifts closing at 13.00

Five or six days with lessons, from Monday to Friday, or to Saturday, from "first steps" to professional training (athletes).

Provided by AMSI (Italian Ski Instructors Association), this course allows you to achieve concrete results.

From Monday to Saturday the instructors of Pirovano Snowboard University will lead everyone, from beginner to expert!

The "lectures" of the "University" are not just for adults, but also for the younger ones, starting from 8 years of age. For baby skiers, from 5 years of age, in certain weeks it is possible to take advantage of specific group courses.

When the heat of the city becomes unbearable... switch off and come enjoy the clean fresh air of Stelvio Pass!

Students are divided into same-level classes and are busy on the slopes for 4 hours a day (usually 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon)

Course Levels


    At this level, technical progress is not rigidly sequential: a gifted beginner in good physical shape, for example, can immediately start learning the basic turn. For this reason instructors pay special attention to the student’s potential and recommend exercises suitable to his/her level, individualizing the instructions and rate of progress. We always teach to execute turns from the end of the previous move, as the actions required always depend on the previous movement.

    Beginner students will learn the necessary techniques to ski safely on moderately difficult slopes, gradually moving from the snow-plough technique to parallel turns. The first technical objective consists in learning to do a series of snow-plough turns; later, students learn to execute veers and finally a series of basic turns.


    At this level we distinguish between "school" and "sport" didactics: both lead to the execution of the same series of turns, but, depending on the student, her/his physical and technical preparation, and her/his needs, the instructor will choose which approach to adopt. Being able to appreciate difference levels of students’ potential is important to lead them through the right level of technical progress, which should not be applied in an inflexible way. A skier who already masters the basic turn and shows a particular ability and good physical condition, for example, can immediately execute a series of "Christiania". We always teach to execute turns from the end of the previous move, as the actions required always depend on the previous movement.

    At Silver level students move from the basic curve to the "Christiania". They learn to execute a continuous series of curves, with parallel skis, and using the poles; they learn to "guide" the skis in a gradually more precise way. These curves represent a "medium" level of competence, and allow skiers to overcome with confidence slopes of medium-high difficulty, with any kind of snow.


    At this level there is also a distinction between "school" and "sport" didactics (already introduced at Silver level). In this case, however, the two different training approaches lead to learning different types of turns: guided in one case, sport turns in the other. The latter represent the highest expression of Italian skiing technique. Please remember that our instructors always teach to execute a turn from the end of the previous one, as the movements involved always depend on the preceding ones.

    The main objective at this level is to execute turns in the best possible way, even on very steep slopes and with different types of snow, either at constant speed or, in sport curves, at increasing speed: it is therefore essential to limit decelerating during the turn, optimizing the characteristics of the skis.

Additionl info

  • In case of bad weather, the instructors will seek to reschedule lost classes by lengthening the duration of classes on fair weather days
  • Technical films, made during the lessons to capture your performance and progress, will be available at the Hotel reception.
    The videos, at high definition, will be prepared on a 4Gb USB stick with Pirovano graphic design.