Useful information for booking

Before booking, consult these documents:

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Covid-19: Safe Hotel

Everything is ready for a safe summer 2021!

Reservations and deposits

  • A deposit of 30% of the total amount for the hotel arrangement only (excluding school services and ski pass) is required for each booking.
  • It is possible to cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the day of arrival. The refund is total and the deposit will be returned by bank transfer.
  • It is possible to change the dates of arrival and departure, subject to availability at our facility. In the event of a change in the period booked, regardless of the notice period, the deposit will be refunded in full on the new stay, provided that it takes place in the same season, has a duration not less than that cancelled and has the same number of participants.

Cleaning and sanitising the facility and rooms

  • We use specific certified products for all surfaces. All common areas and lifts are cleaned and sanitized several times a day.
  • Disposable mattress protectors and pillows are used for the beds and replaced at every check-out. Linen is supplied by a certified company that guarantees all the required safety standards.
  • At each check-out the en-suite bathrooms are sanitized with a device that atomizes a highly effective disinfectant product.

Restaurant and breakfast

  • Guests can enter the restaurant room after having measured the temperature.
  • Tables are placed at the correct mandatory safety distance between guests. Only guests belonging to the same household or sharing the same room may sit at the same table.
  • There is no buffet, service is at the table. For breakfast, the food and beverages chosen by the guests, protected by physical glass barriers, are prepared and served by the staff on a tray.
  • Oil and salt shakers are sanitized after each use.
  • By reading a QR code, guests can consult the restaurant menu and drinks menu using their own device.


  • Staff are only allowed to take up their duties once their body temperature has been checked.
  • All staff are equipped with personal protective equipment for their own safety and that of our guests.
  • All staff have been trained in hygiene and protocols so that they can work safely for themselves and guests.


For a safe holiday we also need your help:

  • To streamline document registration formalities and reduce stops at reception, check-in can be done online. When you make your reservation you will be sent an email with a link to enter your details, or you can provide us with your documents by email.
  • At the hotel, we will ask you to keep your distance from other people and not to use the lift with people who are not part of your household. We also invite you to pay attention to the signs and information regulating correct prevention behaviors displayed at various points throughout the hotel.
  • In all of the hotel’s common areas, you will find stations equipped with hydro-alcoholic hand hygiene solutions dispensers, which we encourage you to use even before using the lift’s external button panel.
  • We ask you to wear a mask when entering the hotel’s public areas.
  • Please note that a mask must be worn when not seated in the restaurant.
  • In the event of any symptoms, even mild ones, you must notify reception by telephone, who will take all necessary action, and remain in your room.
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